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Hey there! my name is John Reed. I’ve been a personal trainer in Bellevue for nearly 10 years, in the gym 8-10 hours a day, and trained 100+ real life clients just like you…
My education has taken me all over the world studying exercise mechanics and nutritional medicine. Over the years I’ve collected a long list of nationally recognized certifications in both exercise and nutrition which you can find in the “about” section — whats more important than those pieces of paper is the THOUGHT PROCESS I use to custom-fit each of my clients programs to their needs. Expect a personal training academy when you come to us. Everyone has a different flavor of fitness and we will find your flavor so your pursuit of better health and fitness is a positive experience. Experience personalized training programs in the Bellevue fitness classes. Heading to gyms in Bellevue WA is a great way to get your body in shape. I offer both personalized fitness training out of Bellevue, Washington – as well as lead an entire online health school you can join. With my personal training classes online, you will find that online fitness training can be effective with my help… I hope to earn your business and serve your health and fitness needs. Enjoy my site and contact me when you are ready to dramatically improve your life! My personal training programme is sure to do wonders for you.



The School Of Shred online health academy is comprised of a comprehensive five-part system, termed The S.H.R.E.D. System.


your workout

All systems are connected and each of these categories can be explored to much deeper levels to customize health to the client. You are offered a personal training instructor along with in home personal trainer Bellevue.

Exercise: Personal training Bellevue WA has never been better. A simple thought process we go into detail on is this: WHO is the client? WHAT is their goal? What do they currently have AVAILABLE in their joint positions (structural availability?). Select only loads the client can OWN. What can the client currently TOLERATE? (pre, intra, post workout tolerance?) As your personal trainer Bellevue, I will make sure to ease the process for you.

Diet: Using the same process as above we can then look at eating a minimally process, natural food diet to decrease system inflammation, nourish digestive health, and meet the clients goals. When healthy function is restored goals can be quickly achieved whether that's fat loss, muscle gain, or general wellness -- nutrition is medicine. Your personal training Bellevue will help you understand the details of this further.

Lifestyle: Sleep, stress, and mental health complete the wellness puzzle. Hacking sleep for better recovery, learning how to balance the bodies "fight or flight" and "rest and digest" responses, and nourishing a positive mindset are important factors to health, wealth, and longevity. As your Bellevue personal trainer, I will tap into the various factors you need to consider to improve your lifestyle.



I am here to serve as a personal trainer Bellevue WA, and help you understand the value of personalized fitness training. Here’s some highlights of some of my most motivated past clients.



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