Complete Online Coaching Package *Top Seller!

This product is a JOHN REED FITNESS top seller! This is a 360′ fitness program build around the specific needs of each client!




*Includes: Phased workout programs, Personal Smartphone App (Trainerize Platform), In-Depth Execution Videos (Voice-Overs, Multiple Angle Cameras, Diagrams, Internal Performance Tips), Customized Nutrition Programming (more than macros or meal plans!), Other General Health Protocol (sleep, understanding the central nervous system etc),  Supplement Recommendations, 1 on 1 Interactive Coaching and MUCH MORE! I’ve tried to create the most in-depth online coaching experience to match my full time personal training business for YOU!!

Online Personal Training Description

Product Description

Join my comprehensive “Complete Online Coaching” Program and get in the best shape of your life! This is a full 1 on 1 online training experience, not a simple e-book. Your program is based off prior experience, diet history, age, body type and lifestyle using the answers each client provides in our online questionnaire. With this package you will receive constant access to your own personal trainer (ME not a support team), personal app with ALL your saved data (stat recorder, programs, nutrition plans, messager to reach me etc), with weekly updates and monthly body composition assessment.

This extensive coaching plan is here to provide you with top of the line service and give you the BEST training experience possible! This is my most popular online product and whether you’re beginner or advanced, becoming a JRF personal training client will take your physique and health to the next level! Execution | Effort | PASSION!!!!


  • Your own Personal Smartphone App. (Trainerize Platform)
  • Detailed Exercise Video Demonstrations (voiceovers, diagrams, multiple camera angles, and other exercise execution tips!)
  • Phased Workout Programming To Match Your Specific Body Type.
  • RIPPED Ab Routines
  • Cardio Plan (when needed)
  • Customized Nutrition (Not JUST macros or a quick meal plan!)
  • Supplement Guide
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Constant Access To My Coaching (within 24 hours)
  • Male & Female
  • Contest Prep
  • Special Populations
  • Unlimited Adjustments

After filling out an online questionnaire you will receive your FULL 1st month’s program in 1-3 days.


*All programs are 100% made to YOUR needs!