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Premier Private Training:

– What To Expect –

Initial Consultation: This is a 50-Minute sit down and opportunity for us to get to know each other. I will ask a series of lifestyle questions to understand where you are currently at, what your personal goals are and help pin-point how I can empower you to get there. Understanding your psychology and motivation is just as important as understanding your goals with training. From here we will perform a fitness assessment where we test body composition (body fat, circumference measurements) to let you know where you are currently at. Finally, we will perform some movement analysis like the overhead squat assessment, where I’ll take notes on posture, movement mechanics and any imbalances you may need to address starting off.


Training Model: Your training will ALWAYS reflect what is most important for your desired goal. All health concerns and physical limitations will be addressed first, then your training program will reflect the best possible way for you to progress towards your goals. Most will start with proper stabilization, proper full body movement and proprioceptive training similar to The National Academy Of Sports Medicines OPT Training Model. This is done first to strengthen your core and body as a unit while increasing neuromusclar conneTeamctivity – your bodies ability to contract muscles properly.

We will then progress through various adaptive training phases varying from muscular endurance, strength, power and mobility. Overtime clients will learn how safely and effectively use gym equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, chains, bands, machines, TRX training systems, kettlebells and more. With this variety in mind, every modality implemented will be aligned with your personal goals whether that be muscle strength, muscle gain, fat loss, better movement or general wellness!

During the first session all clients will receive their own personal JRF Personal Training Book for us to record monthly body composition tests and individual workouts. This way we keep track of your progress!

Nutrition Model: A healthy relationship with food is my number 1 priority for all my clients! Healthy nutritional habits are flexible in nature and enjoyable long term, this is the aim of my nutritional model. There are a few highly effective ways to go about fixing your nutritional habits and it all depends on how precise you are willing to be. All clients will learn how to track intake properly and make adjustments when needed, I only serve you as a guide to you using my knowledge and experience. You will be empowered with the tools to create your OWN meal plan and NOT be given a cookie cutter template. All nutrition will be based off your favorite whole foods and whats most enjoyable for you. Adherence is the most important trait to long term dieting success. Clients will be taught how to shop for the best possible ingredients and encouraged to eat only the most nutritious foods.chicken-breast-vegetables_1

Supplements will also be recommendation at clients interest but can also be left out of any program. Our emphasis is going to be on nutrient dense whole foods.

Lifestyle is also taken into account to give you the option to enjoy your life, be social and live fit!

You will learn about different techniques and their benefits such as intermittent fasting, meal timing, meal frequency, gut health, what macronutrients are and do and how this will help you make educated decisions in the future as well as separate common fact from fiction.

Team 2Commitment: Clients are expected to make 6 or 12 month commitments to JRF personal training to allow enough time to properly assess, correct and progress through training phases to see desired results. A real transformation is not a short process, which unfortunately advertising often lies to us about. If you really want to do this the right way commit and invest some time into yourself. 1-3 months physical progress can be slow as you are learning technique, mechanics and new skills. Investing in personal training with me for 6-12 months will allow us enough time to set you up for long term success and see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. 6-12 month PAID IN FULL packages will be discounted to those that want to invest and front load sessions.

Team 3 copy“I trained with John Reed for 3 years! He knows so much about fitness and nutrition. Whenever I was about to give up he was there to lean on. He became a dear friend. I am so glad I trained with him. Last year I was training for a triathlon and he came to support me. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly cares about his clients. I 100% recommend John Reed to be your trainer. He loves the fitness industry and it shows by his knowledge of the industry and how he treats his clients.” – Tessa Tebbs (Click here for more CLIENT REVIEWS)

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