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Exercise is an amazing tool to optimize our health. However it must be performed in a safe manner. Exercise technique can make or break your efforts so be sure to follow these key points. Practice perfecting technique before adding weight. If you do not have stability in a exercise you will likely not be recruiting the correct muscles.

  • Remember the 5 kinetic chain points. (1) Feet/Ankles, (2) knees, (3) hips, (4) shoulders and (5) neck/head.
  • Only lift weight you can handle.  If going for maximum reps, get a spotter for safety.
  • Always maintain a neutral spine.
  • Inhale during the eccentric portion of the repetition (lengthening of a muscle) – Exhale during the concentric portion of the repetition (shortening of a muscle).
  • During leg movements never allow knees to travel over toes. (Unless using an advanced technique.)
  • During upper body movements maintain a forward chest and shoulders tucked back. (Remember the cue of “chest up, shoulders back.”)

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