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Owner: John Reed

What: Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Enthusiast

Location: Bellevue, Seattle – Washington State.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).
  • NFPT Master Fitness Trainer, Weight-Training Specialist, Endurance Specialist, Nutrition Specialist
  • First-Aid/AED/CPR Certified.

Experience: 7 years working out, 4 years in the personal training industry.

Goals: To help my clients develop a love for fitness and get strong, healthy and happy!

How I Got Started: Growing up I was never in shape and found myself a bit insecure with my body when I was in high school. I got a gym membership when I was 18 years old and started going Monday through Friday on my own, following various routines I researched online. Once I saw the physical changes I was hooked on fitness. As I transformed my body I started to noticed my self confidence rising and mindset becoming stronger and more positive. I then realized fitness was more than creating the body I wanted, it was shaping a strong work ethic as well.

Fast forward 3 years after I had moved away from my hometown and was being burned out on a few dead-end jobs I started working as a janitor/maintenance at a large corporate gym chain. Other than leaving a job I dreaded, the main purpose of taking this janitor position was to receive a free gym membership. Once I started I watched the personal trainers and was very drawn in by the fact you could get paid to help share your passion for fitness with others. I saved money and got certified then from there never looked back! Working my way up to a Master Trainer with the company and continuing education for the next 3 years I then started my own company to fully take responsibility for my ambitions.


My Mission: My mission is to diligently serve others and continually evolve to be the best personal trainer I can be for my clients. I want to make a positive impact in our countries obesity epidemic, showing others the benefits of resistance training and healthy nutrition.




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